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Are You Working in Confined Spaces? Get Certified by Completing Our Confined Space Training in Darwin

Working in the mining industry for the first time can be challenging and stressful, not only because you must familiarise yourself with a new environment, but also because you need to know how to remain safe at all times. Fortunately, you'll have trained colleagues and experienced managers to show you the ropes, but you still need to be able to take care of yourself in any situation. When working in confined spaces, it's crucial to know how to identify hazards and take appropriate action, and the best way to acquire such knowledge is to undertake confined space training in Darwin.

When your duties include working in an area with potential hazards, you need to understand how to work appropriately. Mines have many confined spaces, making it challenging to carry out your tasks safely and efficiently. Fortunately, if you complete a ‘Working in Confined Space’ course in Darwin, you'll have all the necessary skills required to act safely and responsibly.

At ERGT Australia, we can help you obtain the knowledge you need to work in confined spaces confidently, whether that means checking for gas leaks, taking preventative measures to minimise risks, or testing ventilation equipment. If you've already completed such a course before, we have booster training classes to refresh your memory and ensure you’re fully up to date with the latest safety standards. We've been a market leader in our industry for over two decades, which means you can place your trust in us.

Earn a Confined Space Certificate in Darwin

Even though you're required by law to obtain a certificate to work in confined spaces, the primary reason for completing our courses is to ensure you know how to work safely. Here's what you'll learn in a couple of the various courses which we offer:

  • Enter and Work in Confined Spaces (EWICS) – Similar to our ECS course, the EWICS will teach you how to identify and mitigate the risks associated with hazards in confined spaces.
  • Confined Space & Height Safety Skills Maintenance (CSHS SM) – This course assumes you have already completed basic training and need to refresh your skills to remain up to date with the latest and most efficient ways to stay safe while working in a confined space.

On all our courses, you will learn how to carry out a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), understand permit systems, detect gas, and use ventilation equipment, which are all prerequisites for many vacancies in the maritime industries.

We're the Market Leader for a Reason

At ERGT Australia, we have training centres across Australia, including Darwin for your convenience. Our job is to ensure you leave us with the skills and knowledge to eliminate risks while working in confined spaces, and when you complete our courses, you'll have the certificate to prove your credentials. Contact us today for more information.