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Working in Confined Spaces in Perth? Complete a Training Course to Earn a Nationally Recognised Certificate

Being a senior staff member in the oil and gas industry is challenging for countless reasons, especially if you manage a large group of employees. Of course, the latest technology and equipment can help you complete tasks efficiently, and you have plenty of responsible and highly skilled professionals to lend a helping hand. However, it's your job to ensure your staff has the required knowledge to work safely and identify hazards, which means you need to have them complete a working in confined spaces course in Perth.

No matter how difficult the tasks you face are or how much pressure you're under, your top priority must be to keep your employees safe at all times. Unfortunately, you can't keep your eye on each member of your team constantly even if you wanted to, which means you need to know everybody has what it takes to act appropriately in any situation, whether it's a daily duty or an emergency. You can't afford to have employees panicking when placed under pressure in a tight space, which is why confined space training in Perth is so important.

At ERGT Australia, we guarantee to instil your employees with the required knowledge to act independently and as a team in any situation, and our confined space training courses are a prerequisite for many job positions. By having your team members earn a confined space certificate in Perth, you'll not only be complying with the law but also doing your part to keep employees out of harm's way. From identifying gas leaks to learning how to enter a tight space safely, our courses teach you all you need to know to remain safe while operating in a mine or an industrial setting.

The Importance of Confined Space Training in Perth

Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should ensure your employees undergo comprehensive training to work in tight spaces:

  • Make sure employees know how to remain safe – Various potential hazards could cause an accident in a mine, but these hazards needn’t be a risk if your team members know how to act safely and responsibly.
  • Ensure individuals can carry out their tasks efficiently – You may be under immense pressure to meet deadlines and complete your duties to the highest standards, meaning you need your staff to be able to complete their jobs efficiently.
  • Understand how to act in an emergency – Fortunately emergencies in the mining industry are rare currently, but it's still crucial to know how to respond should a challenging situation arise. After earning a confined space certificate, your team will know what it needs to do should an emergency occur.

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