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Learning basic safety skills and best practices to perform your job in a smart, conscientious manner is one thing. Being able to handle legitimate emergency situations is another. Emergency scenarios kick your adrenaline into high gear and often put safety hazards directly in your path, making it difficult to think clearly and plan smartly. Therein lies the value of ERGT Australia and the emergency response training we offer in Perth.

At ERGT Australia, we offer a range of team-based safety and emergency training courses in Perth. These classes are designed to clarify both team roles and individual roles in the event of an emergency. By giving each person a role—and each team a larger, more overarching role—in responding to and resolving an incident, these courses aim to create more efficient and effective incident response and management practices within your organisation.

Relevant and Practical Emergency Safety Training in Perth

One of our favourite client testimonials we’ve received at ERGT Australia came from a fire team member with one of the oil and gas industry companies we worked with once. ‘Thought it was going to be another boring training session,’ this trainee said. ‘Was complete opposite, really engaging, learnt a lot of relevant info. I’ll definitely keep it in the back of my mind.’

This testimonial illuminates a few of the preconceived notions that trainees have when it comes to professional training—whether in the safety space or otherwise. There is a connotation to training sessions that says they are dull, dry, and mostly not relevant. Businesses still need to do them for compliance purposes, but employees and personnel don’t usually expect to get much out of them.

At ERGT Australia, we attempt to subvert these low expectations—not just with our emergency response training in Perth, but with all the courses we offer. First, we strive to keep our courses relevant. We continually engage with the industries we serve, from oil and gas to mining to aviation. This engagement helps us stay aware of the needs of different sectors, in turn allowing us to keep our content up to date with workplace needs and practices.

Secondly, we want our courses to be engaging. Dry classroom lectures can deliver a lot of information, but they do little good if the students in each course are zoning out and not absorbing the material. With this thought in mind, ERGT Australia designs courses that often focus on practical simulations and full-class discussions. This kind of approach is especially valuable for the safety and emergency training we do in Perth because it puts students into simulated emergency situations and asks them to react as they would in an actual emergency scenario. These kinds of practical simulations help your personnel learn best practices for emergency management and give them practice in playing their assigned roles for incident response.

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Are you interested in setting up an emergency safety training course for your Perth team? If so, or if you have any questions about the training and simulations we provide at ERGT Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can get in touch by calling 1300 ERGT AU.