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What Services Do ERGT’s Oil and Gas Training Centres Offer?

In Australia and across the globe, the oil and gas industries are still crucial, and if you want a stable job with an attractive pay packet, working in such a sector might be appealing. Plus, even though the work can be challenging, many people enjoy a career in oil and gas because they're faced with new challenges every day. You may need to work on board a seaborne vessel for weeks or even months at a time if operating in the industries in question, meaning you will need to find a reputable provider of oil and gas training services.

Because jobs in oil and gas are well sought after, you need to pull out all the stops to show employers you have what it takes to work safely and efficiently. Often, the company that hires you will put you through the required training to ensure you have the necessary skills to work on board a vessel, but if you already have the certificates to prove your credentials, you can feel confident that your CV will go to the top of the pile. However, it's crucial to find an oil and gas training centre that offers nationally recognised courses as well as teaches you all you need to know to land a job in your dream career.

At ERGT Australia, we're the market leading course provider for the gas and oil industries, and we have centres nationwide so that you can find a school near you. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, or Perth, we have a centre that's just a stone's throw away from where you live. Plus, although we're in Australia, we've provided training to companies all over the world because industry leaders know that we're among the best oil and gas training centres in existence.

Why You Can Trust Our Oil and Gas Training Services

Of course, it's important to understand why we have a solid reputation before enrolling on one of our courses, which is why we've highlighted our strengths below.

  • We have a wealth of experience – At ERGT Australia, we've been operating for over 21 years, and even though we come from humble beginnings, we've grown to be Australia's most trusted oil and gas training provider.
  • We work with the industries we serve – We dedicate ourselves to providing the most comprehensive and up to date training courses available, which is why we work closely with the mining, oil and gas, and ADF sectors to ensure our courses instil all the skills you need to work safely and efficiently.
  • Our training is nationally and internationally recognised – Depending on which job you want; you may need to undergo training before being offered a position to comply with the law. Our certificates are recognised by international bodies such as OPITO, AMSA, and IMO, and we are a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO 2534).

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