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ERGT Australia Supports Sabrina Hahn's Central Park Plunge

by ERGT Australia | Sep 11, 2018

Sabrina Hahn, Perth-based master gardener, horticultural professional, award winning radio presenter and writer, is this year abseiling off of the Central Park building in Perth during the 2018 Central Park Plunge. Why would she jump off a perfectly good 220m tall building? To raise funds for Cahoots, a charity providing inclusive opportunities for children and young people living with disability. Central Park Plunge has raised over $1.5 million for since it began in 2015. This year 300 descents will be made between the 14th and 16th of September, 52 descents of which will be made in the name of Cahoots. ERGT Australia has this year donated towards Sabrina’s effort as well as provided pre-event training to ensure she is confident and ready to “take the plunge”.


Six days prior to the big day Sabrina visited ERGT in Jandakot to get familiar with the equipment, procedures and experience involved in vertically descending from a building and landing safely below. During her practice run Sabrina not only descended from the 6m container stack twice, she even looked like she enjoyed it. ERGT wishes Sabrina, and all the abseilers well for their descent and fundraising efforts.


You can find Sabrina’s fundraising and donate here bit.ly/SabCentralParkPlunge2018


“I recon overcoming the absolute fear and terror of pooping my pants for 220m in public is nothing compared to what many disabled kids face over a lifetime. Let’s make life a bit sweeter for these kids and show we do give a damn.”