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Northern Territory’s Fire Training Ground

by ERGT Australia | Aug 17, 2018

ERGT Australia entered into a collaborative partnership with Charles Darwin University in 2017 to combine the extensive industry experience of both organisations to provide a range of high quality training and education services for the Northern Territory.

Funded in part by the Northern Territory Government, the NACOG complex combines world-class expertise with local insight and practical knowledge to deliver specialist training for the Territory.

The complex now offers a full range of Incident Response courses for high risk industries such as Oil and Gas, Maritime, Industrial and Defence industries and the local Emergency Services sector.

Now located in the NACOG complex ERGT and CDU are delivering world-class training to meet local industry needs.

Fire Training Ground
The fire training ground is the most recent addition to the NACOG complex, adding practical learning opportunities to the research and learning facilities already on CDU campus.

The facilities provide world class training opportunities to industry in the Northern Territory, with the convenience of being centrally located at Charles Darwin University

Fire Training Ground Specifications
- Designated classroom, Emergency Response Team turn out room, ablutions and change rooms
- 1000m2 fire pad with independent hydrant rung main and environmentally approved water catchment
- External gas props and internal structure fire training building, totalling 10 fire points
- Fire extinguisher training area
- A dedicated team of professionals experienced in delivery of safe and effective emergency response training