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Woodside Robot Trialed at ERGT Australia

by ERGT Australia | Apr 17, 2018

ERGT Australia’s Perth Training Centre recently played the part of an Oil and Gas workplace for a robot trial conducted by Woodside Energy.

Woodside has been trialling the robots on site to perform activities suggested by their operators, engineers and maintenance workers. The ideas include performing high-risk tasks such as high voltage switching, first responder to alarms on our unmanned platforms or spoken work instructions to complement written manuals and procedures.

To conduct a realistic low-risk trial Woodside utilised the Perth Training Centres’ production platform and decommissioned equipment such as gas bunds, a Koomey Unit (Accumulator) and vessels.

ERGT is proud to support Woodside’s efforts aimed towards robotics to reduce risk for their workforce. It is a demonstration of how innovation and collaboration can lead to solving some of the Oil and Gas industry’s largest and most complex challenges and contribute to safe, efficient and reliable operations.