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ERGT Australia and UWA Researchers Work Together To Improve Safety Critical Outcomes

by ERGT Australia | Nov 22, 2017

ERGT and researchers at The University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Centre for Safety (C4S) will be working together on the Safety Critical Teams Research Program, which recommenced earlier this year and will continue into 2018. The program recognises that further improvements in safety can only be achieved by focusing on the human element. High risk industries hold the limelight in the research, while Professor Griffin’s research investigates how to optimise the effectiveness of teams in order to achieve safety critical outcomes. ERGT is working with C4S to uncover effective leader behaviours during incident management. In this project, where UWA’s research teams activities are funded by the Australian Research Council, the processes and behaviours of incident command teams that respond to industrial emergencies in offshore facilities that threaten life and the environment are researched.


Nearly 8 Years of ERGT and C4S Collaboration

In 2010, ERGT and researchers at the C4S embarked on a long-term partnership to support the development of relevant and effective safety skills, and behavioural research and education. The partnership stimulates a transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and academia to:
  1. Ensure that academic research is practical and relevant to industry; anD
  2. Ensure that industry practices are supported by solid evidence.


In 2015, ERGT Australia and the C4S became official partners and a reflection of the commitment to improving research and industry practices. The collaboration has resulted in many successful research projects which have increased our knowledge about the best ways to manage and improve safety in the high risk environments posed by the oil and gas industry.

UWA and ERGT Australia collaborative Research Projects to date:
  - Evaluating ERGT Australia’s Delivery of the Common Safety Training Program (CSTP)
  - Uncovering Effective Leader Behaviours During Incident Management (ICT)
  - Understanding Leaders’ Safety Commitment (CSTP)
  - Improving Safety Skills in Developing Countries (CSTP)

Furthermore, the partnership between UWA and ERGT Australia has contributed to the award of a prestigious government funded ARC Discovery Grant to extend the previous Incident Command Team  research project to include team processes and behaviours. The collaborative projects between ERGT Australia and UWA, combined with the broader UWA Safety Critical Teams research program, aims to support ERGT Australia’s training programs to produce high quality performance outcomes. 

 To learn more about UWA's Centre For Safety click HERE or for more information about ERGT's and UWA's partnership click HERE