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ERGT Australia, a champion for OPITO's Digital BOSIET

by ERGT Australia | Oct 31, 2017

ERGT has been engaging with OPITO as a champion for the Digital BOSIET conversion since December 2016. During this time we have been collaborating with OPITO on the course structure and technical content. 

Most recently, in working with OPITO to create an effective and globally relevant training ERGT conducted a pilot course. ERGT's Perth training centre and trainers hosted the pilot while ERGT staff and client team members completed in the online content and a day of practical training.

Feedback from both trainers and trainees will be reviewed by OPITO, along with that provided by other chosen training centres around the world.

We look forward to continuing to work with OPITO and other providers to be able to offer innovation-driven, industry-led initiatives.

For more information on the Digital BOSIET course please click here --> http://bit.ly/DigitalBOSIET