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Ensure Safer Workplace Practices and Attitudes with Mining Inductions and Mine Safety Training Courses in Perth

Mining can be a dangerous profession if your team doesn’t have the proper training. From working in tight spaces to staying aware of the risks of cave-ins, floods, gas explosions, chemical leakage and more, it’s important for mining teams to get thorough training before they set foot in a mine. At ERGT Australia, we provide a range of mine safety course in Perth to help your business establish smart safety practices and attitudes in and around your mining operation.

ERGT Australia: Providing High-Quality Training Courses to High-Risk Industries

Since 1994, ERGT Australia has been providing safety-driven training courses to high-risk industries like mining, oil and gas, aviation and more. Our goal is to deliver high-quality training that not only instils your team with best safety practices, but that also helps your business comply with national and industry-dictated laws and regulations.

Today, we offer 150+ training courses across three different training centres. These courses span industries and competencies but always provide knowledge and skills that could help to save lives in the right situations. For instance, if you look to ERGT Australia for mine safety training courses in Perth, you can expect everything from courses about working in confined spaces to classes about gas detection, all the way to incident management courses. These courses can’t eliminate the risks of working in an underground mine, but they can provide your personnel with the knowledge and capability to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.

We can gear our mining safety courses in Perth towards any level of knowledge and experience. On one end of the spectrum, we can help you with your mining inductions in Perth. Devising a training program for new entrants into your business is an essential step for building a tradition of safety from the ground up. From there, we also offer more advanced courses and refresher units, to make sure that safety remains an ongoing focus for mining workers who are years passed their induction training.

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Offering a safe workplace is essential to the long-term health of your business and the ongoing focus, engagement, hard work and morale of your employees. These statements are true in any industry, but they are especially true in high-risk environments like those seen in the world of mining. Employers in the mining sector can depend on ERGT Australia to provide their personnel with compliant, consistent, and effective training. From mining inductions in Perth to advanced training and refresher courses, our curriculum will give your employees the skills and knowledge they need to work more safely and consciously, resulting in a safer workplace for everyone.

Are you interested in learning more about ERGT Australia and our mine safety and training courses in Perth? Do your part to protect your employees by investing in these training opportunities. Call ERGT Australia today to arrange training for your personnel. You can reach our offices by dialling 1300 ERGT AU.