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As a Melbourne employer, you have a duty to ensure your employees remain safe always, and while that responsibility includes keeping an eye on personnel and providing clear instructions, it also means keeping them up to date with the latest safety standards. There are many potential hazards when working on board a seaborne vessel in the maritime industry. Fortunately, such hazards needn't be a threat if your employees are prepared to act in any situation.

To minimise risks and prevent avoidable accidents, the Australian government requires all individuals working on a seaborne vessel to undergo training courses approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). However, while there are plenty of course providers that meet such standards, you need to choose a company that has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. We work alongside the industries which we serve, which is just one reason why you should choose us.

At ERGT Australia, we have eleven training centres located nationwide, including state-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne. For over 21 years, we've been providing essential safety training for employees working in a broad range of industries, and marine and safety training is one that has proven to be particularly popular. If you have your team members complete our marine courses in Melbourne, you'll secure peace of mind knowing that they're ready to act in any emergency. Keep reading below to learn more about the value of our training.

Comprehensive Maritime Courses in Melbourne

We endeavour to provide courses that teach your employees everything they need to know to remain safe at all times while working on board a vessel. Here are just some of the types of maritime safety training in Melbourne we provide:

  • AMSA Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (AMSA FPFF) – After completing this course, individuals will know how to use fire fighting equipment safely and correctly, and they'll also understand how to minimise the risk of a fire breaking out and how to respond if an incident occurs.
  • AMSA Certificate Personal Survival Techniques – This course covers personal survival techniques that all employees need to be familiar with when working on board a vessel. It is one of the core courses that individuals must complete before being allowed to work in international waters legally.

Ensuring Safety at Sea

Of course, the latest technological advancements and sturdy seaborne vessels are equipped to deal with almost any emergency, but there's no harm in ensuring both you and your employees know how to take care of each other. Our maritime safety training courses are among the most comprehensive yet easy to understand available, so contact us today to book a slot.