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Maritime, Marine and Safety Training Courses in Sydney

You should never take safety in the workplace for granted. A successful workplace should be many things: productive, efficient, and even enjoyable. However, none of these are possible without a sound basis of safety. There are numerous ways to make a workplace safer, including equipment and training. No matter how you plan to make your workplace safer though, you’ll need to pay attention to some key factors—such as the environment in which your personnel work. Different conditions come with different risk, which means that effective workplace safety begins with identifying and mitigating risk.

If you’re working in a marine area or on-board a maritime vessel, you’ll have many unique environmental factors to be aware of every day. You’ll need to be comfortable around maritime equipment so that you and the rest of the crew can operate your craft with confidence and minimise the possibility of an unforeseen incident. You’ll also need to be familiar with protocols related to inclement weather and other environmental challenges. According to the STCW Convention and 2010 Manila amendments, certain qualifications are required of workers in such conditions. Those in the maritime industry who work on board watercraft will need to pay careful attention to make sure they are following these regulations.

Formal Marine and Safety Training in Sydney

The most effective way to ensure your compliance with the above statutes is to take formal marine and safety training. In Sydney, several such courses are available through qualified institutions. You can find safe and engaging marine courses in Sydney or maritime courses in Sydney that accurately reflect real-world working conditions. To do so, you’ll need to seek out a high-quality organisation with a history of training other clients in the industry. It also helps to find a company with their own training centres, so that your business can minimise risk and your employees can learn under controlled conditions.

Your Source for Marine and Maritime Courses

One such company is ERGT Australia. Established since 1994, we’ve spent every year since then developing a strong reputation for safety training in the maritime industry. We owe our success to a few specific principles: our attention to detail, respect for people, and our thorough process-oriented methods. The fact that we also use our own training centres is also an advantage since this allows us to provide training in safe conditions. ERGT Australia maintains eleven different centres throughout the country, enabling us to provide high-quality training in Sydney and many other locations.

Maritime, marine and safety training are essential parts of abiding by the law and making your coastal operations successful. Keep your employees healthy, your business productive and your conscience clear when you provide training for your staff through ERGT Australia. For more information on our courses, schedules, or prices, contact us today and ask to speak with someone on our staff who can tell you more about what we do. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or set you up with a training solution today.