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Helicopters are an important part of offshore work. They allow for flexible transportation of essential personnel to and from various offshore sites, as well as providing observation and operational support during critical work. As such, helicopters are vital in numerous industries. However, working with helicopters in marine areas can pose certain risks, which businesses and their staff must always be prepared to face. Should a helicopter above a body of water need assistance, the crew must always have a plan in place to ensure their safety.

To ensure the safety of helicopter personnel during operations above water, many companies are required to provide their employees with HUET. HUET stands for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and ensures that those working in helicopters are prepared with the necessary skill to exit an aircraft if they become submerged in water. Since helicopters are more likely to sink or roll over than jets and other small aircraft, HUET training can play a vital role to ensure safety in the event of an incident. Helicopters are also more likely to have an intact cabin after an unexpected water landing because they move slower than other kinds of aircraft. As a result, personnel are more likely to be conscious and able to help themselves with HUET methods.

Choosing Between HUET Training Centres

When you’re searching for a HUET training centre, consider your options carefully. HUET training services require dedicated instructors with highly developed skills and knowledge. They also need special equipment and facilities; making proper HUET training centres something of a rarity. Finding a company with the resources to offer comprehensive HUET services is well worth the effort, however. The right training can keep your valuable employees safe and allow them to perform their best work when flying over water.

Find a HUET Centre Operated by ERGT Australia

One of the best ways to find HUET services in Australia is to contact ERGT Australia, a company with more than two decades of experience in the business. We’ve been working with a broad base of clients since the early 1990s, and offer HUET training for those in ADF, government services, and the aviation sector. With eight dedicated HUET centres across the country, we provide facilities and instruction that will fully support your employees and prepare them for the risks associated with their work. Arrange for training with us and be in total compliance with the regulations governing your work.

Staying safe is important in every job, but when your company flies sensitive aircraft over large bodies of water, it’s an even more significant consideration. Prepare your team for every circumstance and arrange for training services from ERGT Australia at your earliest convenience. If you have questions about our other programs, our scheduling or our prices, contact us today and ask to talk with one of our friendly representatives. We’ll explain everything so that you can make an informed decision about where you send your employees for training.