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Provide Your Helicopter Personnel with High-Quality Simulated HUET Training in Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, or Melbourne

If your business or operation puts personnel in a position where they are regularly expected to travel by helicopter over water, then HUET training is essential. HUET, or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, gives individuals the skills they need to survive in a situation where a helicopter needs to be ditched, or landed, in water. If a helicopter fails over water your personnel need to know how to survive at sea while waiting for rescue. A HUET course can provide this knowledge and skill. At ERGT Australia, we are HUET training specialists and offer HUET training throughout Australia, in cities such as Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Engage in HUET Training with Simulated Environments

As you might expect, HUET training cannot be effectively or competently taught purely in a classroom. While there are theoretical facets to HUET training, such as strategies for offshore helicopter operation and the overall psychology of sea survival, the most important aspect of HUET is the practical application of this knowledge. It’s easy to know how you should act in a situation where helicopter ditching is required, especially when you are sitting in a warm, dry, and safe classroom. It’s far harder to remember those survival strategies when your helicopter is failing over open water, or when you have landed in the ocean and are trying to stay calm as water fills your aircraft.

When you work with ERGT Australia for your HUET training in Perth, Darwin or Melbourne, you can expect a realistic simulated water environment for your course. We use pools and realistic helicopter modules to simulate helicopter ditching scenarios. We put your personnel into situations that require them to act similarly to how they would need to perform in an actual water landing scenario. These realistic simulations are completely safe, closely supervised by our instructors and divers; and conducted in controlled environments. However, they can still prepare your team members for what it feels like to ditch a helicopter at sea.

Enrol Your Team Members in HUET Training in Melbourne, Perth, or Darwin

Are you interested in getting your personnel in for HUET training in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, or Darwin? If so, get in touch with ERGT Australia today to discuss the specifics of the course, dates, locations and more. Our HUET training includes courses specialised for multiple industries or situations where over-water helicopter piloting may be necessary. These industries include Oil & Gas, Aviation, Government Services, and the Australian Defence Force.

Ideally, your personnel will never need to use the skills they learn from our HUET training courses in Darwin, Melbourne or Perth. However, the fact is that helicopter failures can happen, and sometimes those failures occur over water. If a helicopter’s engine dies when the aircraft is still outside of auto-rotational distance to the shore, then ditching the aircraft in the water may be the only option. Similarly, if the helicopter is running out of fuel or failing in some other fashion and is no longer safe to pilot, then ditching it in the water may be necessary. Having the skills and knowledge gained from the HUET course could mean all the difference for your team.

To enrol your personnel in ERGT Australia’s HUET training in Darwin, Perth or Melbourne, or multiple onsite locations around Australia. Give us a call today on 1300 ERGT AU.