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Provide Your Helicopter Personnel with High-Quality Simulated HUET Training in Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, or Melbourne

If your business or operation puts personnel in a position where they are regularly expected to travel by helicopter over water, then HUET training is essential. HUET, or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, gives individuals the ...read more.

Easily Book Marine and Safety Training in Perth for Your Maritime Team

Working aboard a maritime vessel involves all the risks, hazards, and safety protocols of a standard workplace, with the added complication of water surrounding the vessel. Because marine vessels are often far from shore and the ...read more.

Maritime, Marine and Safety Training Courses in Sydney

You should never take safety in the workplace for granted. A successful workplace should be many things: productive, efficient, and even enjoyable. However, none of these are possible without a sound basis of safety. There are ...read more.

The Importance of Marine and Maritime Safety Training Courses in Adelaide

As one of Australia’s largest port cities, Adelaide is home to many thriving businesses in numerous important industries. However, working offshore requires particular skills, knowledge, and awareness. The people who manage and crew ships ...read more.

Trust the Market Leaders for Maritime Courses and Marine and Safety Training in Melbourne

As a Melbourne employer, you have a duty to ensure your employees remain safe always, and while that responsibility includes keeping an eye on personnel and providing clear instructions, it also means keeping them up to date with the ...read more.

Are You Working in Confined Spaces? Get Certified by Completing Our Confined Space Training in Darwin

Working in the mining industry for the first time can be challenging and stressful, not only because you must familiarise yourself with a new environment, but also because you need to know how to remain safe at all times. Fortunately ...read more.

Working in Confined Spaces in Perth? Complete a Training Course to Earn a Nationally Recognised Certificate

Being a senior staff member in the oil and gas industry is challenging for countless reasons, especially if you manage a large group of employees. Of course, the latest technology and equipment can help you complete tasks efficiently, and ...read more.

What You Should Expect from Confined Space Training in Melbourne and the Importance of Earning a Nationally Recognised Certificate

If you work or have ambitions to land a job in the mining industry, you need to complete a broad range of courses to show employers you have the necessary skills to work safely and efficiently. You'll have access to modern safety equipment to ...read more.

What Services Do ERGT’s Oil and Gas Training Centres Offer?

In Australia and across the globe, the oil and gas industries are still crucial, and if you want a stable job with an attractive pay packet, working in such a sector might be appealing. Plus, even though the work can be challenging ...read more.

Gas Testing Training Courses in the Perth Area and What They Can Do for Your Company

Working in the Oil & Gas industry can be an incredibly rewarding career path, but it also requires certain considerations unique to this often-challenging industry. Oil & Gas are certainly valuable commodities, but working with them ...read more.

Are You Looking for a HUET Training Centre? Find Training Services at These Centres Now:

Helicopters are an important part of offshore work. They allow for flexible transportation of essential personnel to and from various offshore sites, as well as providing observation and operational support during critical work. As such ...read more.

Your Solution for Mining Inductions and Safety Training Courses in Darwin

Mining remains one of the most fundamental industries in the Australian economy since natural resources play such a significant role in our global trade. As such, many lucrative jobs exist within the mining sector. However, mining is a ...read more.

Ensure Safer Workplace Practices and Attitudes with Mining Inductions and Mine Safety Training Courses in Perth

Mining can be a dangerous profession if your team doesn’t have the proper training. From working in tight spaces to staying aware of the risks of cave-ins, floods, gas explosions, chemical leakage and more, it’s important for mining teams ...read more.

Get Emergency Safety and Response Training That Is Relevant to Your Business; Contact ERGT Australia in Perth Today

Learning basic safety skills and best practices to perform your job in a smart, conscientious manner is one thing. Being able to handle legitimate emergency situations is another. Emergency scenarios kick your adrenaline into high gear and ...read more.